"We Will Terrorise" - Anelka

Last updated : 16 January 2007 By Matt Bottom

Anelka said, "I think we are playing better and better with every passing game, which is good news for the manager and also for the whole team, because we have grown in confidence as the season has progressed.

"We are scoring goals and winning games. We can change positions, even when we play 4-4-2, we can win games away.

"I think it's all good and I think we are all confident for the future. The strikers have a good combination because we can change position.

"Sometimes I will go on the left, Davo will stay in the middle and Diuofy will go on the right. Then I go on the right, Dioufy goes in the middle, and Davo on the left.

"We keep changing it throughout a game, we never let people settle.

"I think we work hard and we talk to one another a lot, when we are on the pitch together, but it takes time to work out an understanding so that we know which position we have to be.

"That sort of thing doesn't happen overnight. But we have worked things out and we have a good understanding now.

"We can change things during game, we can even play 4-4-2 if we want to, like we did at Manchester City.

"I think it was difficult when I first started in the team. It was hard for me to find the way to play, and I think the team was also trying to get used to how I play.

"These things always take a little time, but now I feel things are getting better. I feel like they know what they want, and I know what they want.

"We have put in a lot of hard work on the training ground, and for the moment it's good. I have never played in a system like this before in my career. It was new to me and that's why it was difficult to adapt, but we have worked on things and I think the other players know how to play with me and also I have learned how to play with them.

"We can maybe finish in the top five. It's going to be very difficult to break into the top four, because in the end you will probably have Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in the top four.

"But we are going to try to battle in every game and see what happens. Can we do it? Why not? We all realise we have given ourselves a chance to do something good, so we will do everything to stay near the top and play as well as we can."