"Start To Invest" Says Allardyce

Last updated : 03 January 2006 By Matt Bottom
"The club now has to start to invest. That is my hope for the New Year," said Allardyce.

"We need to invest now in football which is something that hasn't really happened before.

"We cannot keep achieving what we are achieving on such limited investment.

"We're not operating in the same football market as we have in the past. The market has changed considerably.

"We as a club have had the best year we've ever had so I believe that now is the time to build on that and that's where the investment comes in.

"Without that, after all we've achieved in 2005, come the middle of February 2006, we could be in disaster mode in terms of results.

"Just because we're doing well now I can't accept we shouldn't be investing.

"Everybody should enjoy this while they can. They shouldn't waste five years before they look back and fully appreciate what they've been watching."