Pogliacomi Defends Diouf's Vivesa

Last updated : 31 January 2005 By Mark Heys
Oldham Athletic goalkeeper Les Pogliacomi thinks that people should be less judgemental of the Bolton striker El-Hadji Diouf following his diving antics against Blackburn Rovers last Monday evening.

The Australian stopper has urged people to look at the different perspectives of the situation before forming an opinion of someone or something.

"I can understand why English people were so outraged by what Diouf did at Blackburn because this is a country that puts a lot of faith in the spirit of fair play, but I think you should always look at things from a different perspective before you judge people."

Pogliacomi has spent some part of his life in Argentina and he says that the people over there will often do what they can in order to survive or get what they want. The term used there is "vivesa", a word which means streetwise or bending the rules.

"In Argentina they use the word 'vivesa'. It means being streetwise, bending the rules to get what you want. You have to remember that for a lot of people, everyday life can be one struggle. Yhey have to do whatever they can just to survive."

"That's why the people there could celebrate Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal against England just as much as they celebrated his wonderful second goal. Diego was just doing what he had to do to make sure Argentina won, that's vivesa."

The former Paramatta Power keeper is of the opinion that Diouf used vivesa to get Bolton a victory against Blackburn, but admits that he would be upset if Oldham where to lose out to the Trotters in a similar way today.

"I am sure it is the same for players like Diouf. Of course I would be devastated if we lost to a similar goal against Bolton - but I do know that you have to look at two sides of the story before you judge people."