Okocha: "Why I Stayed"

Last updated : 31 August 2005 By Matt Bottom

Jay Jay Okocha is confident he will not regret his decision to put loyalty and ambition before financial reward, after the club captain turned down a lucrative offer from Qatar club, Al-Rayyan. 

Okocha reckons he did nothing more than the manager did a year ago when he rejected an offer from Newcastle.

"He made that decision last season and it is our turn this season to follow suit," Okocha said.  

"I never have regrets," he said. "Whatever I decide I don't regret it. I just accept what happens.

"These things happen sometimes. Clubs make enquiries about players and it is then for the players and the club to make a decision whether they stay or they leave. In our position, Stelios and I decided to stay because we have built something here and don't want to just leave it.

"We have to stay at least another year to continue with the good work and continue to achieve things.

"I think everybody's happy here now and we are all focusing on the season ahead of us.

"We are all looking to improve or to keep the same standard that we have set ourselves. We know that will be very difficult but we believe in ourselves and we have a very good team now and we see our chance to achieve something this season.

"We believe in ourselves and we know each other now. Things have started getting better.

"We are going from strength to strength."