'D.O.F. Needs Trust' - Megson

Last updated : 25 October 2008 By Matt Bottom

Megson said: "I don't know enough about the Tottenham situation to be able to comment on them but what I would that the director of football thing doesn't work unless you have complete transparency.

"I had it at Blackpool and it certainly didn't work.

"That was an appointment that was made before I got there. I didn't particularly enjoy it and it didn't last very long.

"But then again I've worked with a director of football at Stoke in John Rudge and it did work.

"But if you are going to go in with somebody who is going to direct the football then the manager has to choose that person and trust them.

"Everybody has to know what is actually going on.

"If the director of football of any club has signed players then they have to come out and say 'that was down to me'.

"If it goes well they get all the plaudits; if it doesn't then that must be down to them."