Davies confirms Cleverley call

Messages posted on a fake Tom Cleverley Facebook page on Saturday night claimed the United player was angry and that Davies had not apologised. United made clear this account was not genuine and Davies' wife, Emma, who herself received abusive messages via Twitter, tweeted to say there had been contact.

Davies, 34, also confirmed he had spoken with Cleverley after initially being unaware of the extent of the injury, telling Sky Sports News: "Tackle-wise I've not seen it back. I spoke to Tom Cleverley."

He added: "I was made to believe he had got a fracture or something so when I got home, I didn't realise after the game, I've seen the reports going on with the game so I put a call in to him and he was fine.

"I'm pleased there was no serious damage to him. After that, it was a tackle which maybe I mis-timed and I got a yellow card which was just deserved, so for me I'm not sure what it's all about."

It was initially feared that Cleverley had broken a bone and could have been out for much longer, but he underwent a scan yesterday which confirmed the injury was not as bad as first thought.

The youngster will miss the start of the Champions League group stage and a possible England debut in next month's Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro but should be back in action in November. Davies said that Cleverley did not think the tackle that injured him was that bad.

He added: "By all accounts he had a fake account and people said I didn't offer him an apology, but I didn't know.

"If I'd have known of course I would've gone to see him. So that's why I got his number and put a call in. I actually texted him and he rang me back, he said he'd seen the tackle and didn't think it was that bad.

"So it's all fine, it's all done and dusted for me, it's a contact sport, it's a derby, I was trying to do my bit for Bolton to win the game. It's a side of my game. For me it's done and you move on."

Source: PA

Source: PA