Coyle pleased with stoke semi

Wanderers will take on the Potters at Wembley on the weekend of April 16-17 having avoided both Manchester United and City when the names were pulled out of the hat.

Asked what his reaction had been to being paired with Stoke, Coyle said: "As it would be with any other team - 'what a tough game.'

"But I think Stoke would have thought 'I hope we get Bolton' and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

"If you had a choice, with Manchester United and Manchester City there and given the size of the clubs, probably both Bolton and Stoke would have wanted to play each other.

"All I would say is that when it comes about, you will have two teams that are very positive in their outlook in terms of trying to win the game and I think it will be a fitting semi-final."

Source: PA

Source: PA