Bolton Eye Duo

Last updated : 16 January 2006 By Matt Bottom
"I want to play football and, if that means going somewhere else, so be it," stated Samuel.

"I was the established left back here.

"My record shows that I am established Premiership player no matter whether people have good or bad thoughts about me.

"I've been here a long time. In a similar way to Darius, maybe there is a case for now saying I've been too long at Aston Villa.

"I still keep in touch with Darius and he seems to have perked up now that he is at Manchester City. He is doing well."

Meanwhile, Wrexham have issued a 'hands off' warning to Bolton over Trotters target Mark Jones.

Wrexham boss Denis Smith insists that the worst of the club's cash problems are behind them and it will take a sizeable bid to convince him to part with Jones.

"The ship has been steadied and we're not in that desperate hurry for money now, so if anybody is interested in Mark then they'd need a lot of money," he declared.