Big Sam To Keep Looking For Players

Last updated : 01 August 2005 By Matt Bottom

Bolton manager Sam Allardyce has spoken of the need to bolster his squad for the coming season and how new signings will not be available from day one against Aston Villa.

"I am ambitious in what I want to achieve as a manager and for the club," he said. "But the reality is that it is unlikely we will compete at that level, unless we sign the four or five players we are after, because of the greater demand placed upon us now.

"This year's a big year, not only for the players playing in the Premiership and Europe but there's also a lot of players who will be involved in World Cup qualifiers and there's an African Nations' Cup to boot.

"So life is probably going to be 50 per cent more difficult this year than it was last year."

"It will help if we can finish the Borgetti deal off, but he's got to go and get himself three or four weeks holiday because he only played his last game on July 13 and that was his 64th match last year.

"If we do the wrong thing and put him straight into training now, by December he'll be a corpse instead of a footballer.

"Faye is done and dusted but I'm reluctant to play any player who hasn't played in the Premiership before, in the first five games at least. No matter how old or how young they are, it's been proved in the past that it doesn't work."